Boast your Roast

Date released:  24th September 2013
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There’s nothing quite like it … tasty meat, those lovely roast potatoes that are seasoned and crispy on the outside yet fluffy inside, lightly steamed veg, and a full-flavoured gravy. A roast dinner is a reassuring treat, particularly when it’s windy and wild outside.

This very British of meals - the roast dinner- deserves to be celebrated, and this year’s British Roast Dinner Week, running from 30th September to 6th October 2013, is the perfect opportunity.

At Booker Wholesale, we’ve got lots of fabulous deals on catering supplies to help you build the perfect menu, from our Locked Down Extra Mature Roasting Beef and Knorr Fine Gravy Granules, to our Super Six offer on carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and potatoes.

A great gravy can make or break a roast dinner, so don’t let it become an afterthought. There are lots of recipes on the British Roast Dinner week website that offer a twist on traditional gravy. How about flavouring yours with paprika and sage, lemon and basil, or chilli and ginger?

If you serve roast dinners on a Sunday, why not extend this to other days of the week? The way we organise our lives and our time is changing. Thousands of workers, from customer service professionals to medics, work weekends and take days off in the week instead. Shops are no longer closed on Sundays, and we increasingly plan our leisure time when it suits us, not when convention dictates. According to a poll for Knorr, 65% of people would like to see a roast dinner on the menu on a day other than Sunday.

Whether you’re serving on a Sunday or a Tuesday, the team at Unilever have made it easy to ‘Boast your Roast’. There are some great, well designed resources on their website, such as posters and table top cards, which you can open in Microsoft Word, edit, print and fold. There’s also a sheet of marketing tips, offering invaluable advice on getting the message out in your community.

When you get excited about your roast dinner, with the quality products and the fine ingredients you’re using, it’s sure to boost your business. So hang up your roasting tin at the end of the day, sit back and wait for the compliments to pour in !

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