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By Jane Day    Date released:  17th July 2014
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Nowadays, you dont have to go far to find really good cider, with most counties from Yorkshire to Somerset brewing some tasty and exciting produce. Cider is now fast becoming the UKs favourite Summer time beverage, with over 130 million gallons being sold each year!

So, as the sun shines down, make sure you the most of some great wholesale drink offers at Booker by stocking up on our latest deals, and perhaps even hosting a Cider Festival at your own pub or restaurant.


Be sure to stock ciders from all around the country and abroad, as well as local options. For example, stock Bulmers Original Original from Herefordshire, Thatchers from Somerset, Aspall from Suffolk, Magners from Ireland or Kopparberg from Sweden.

Draught or Bottled Whereas most of the UK ciders tend to come in bottles, dont forget to stock up on draught ciders too with a great deal now running on 11 gallon Strongbow kegs.

Flavours More and more companies are expanding into flavoured ciders, as they are really on-trend. Options include Bulmers flavours like Red Berries & Lime, Black Cherry and Red Grape, as well as the exotic Rekorderlig Strawberry or Peach, or - for something different - you could try Brothers Toffee Apple Cider.

Palate To ensure you cater for all tastes, remember to consider the ciders palate. The connoisseur will know that they range from a dry cider like Kingstone Press, or a medium cider such as Thatchers Green Goblin, through to sweet ciders like Westons Wyld Wood and Henry Westons all thirst quenchers on a sunny day!

With wide range of ciders we have on offer until 12th August, you can be sure to stock a balanced range to please your customers, and keep your tills ringing!

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