A Caterer's Guide to Festivals

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  30th May 2014
A Stage at a Music Festival | Booker.co.uk
Catering a festival can result in incredible profits, but it's also a risky business!

Festival traders generally benefit from a captive audience (people don't want to walk too far for food when their favourite band is about to play) and many sell thousands of units a day. Some even earn enough in the summer to cover their costs for the rest of the year.

However, the cost of hiring a pitch at a festival is usually several thousand pounds a day, bad weather can dent profits, and it's really important that the product is properly tailored to the target market.

If you’re catering for some big events this summer, we've got all the catering supplies you'll need.

Sausages and burgers

Booker Wholesale have got an amazing range of sausages and burgers to suit every budget. If you're looking for the best, you can't beat our perfectly juicy Aberdeen Angus burgers. Paragon Excellence Gourmet Burgers are also very good quality and value, and our Chef's Larder Texan 100% Beef Burgers are satisfyingly good quality.

If you're looking for incredible value sausages, take a look at our frozen range, particularly the Chef's Larder Premium Cumberland Sausages, at a great low price for a bag of 30.

Bread, sauces and sides

A great sauce can take a burger from ordinary to taste tingling! Our Chef's Larder 1 litre sauce bottles are incredibly popular. The Burger Sauce (a little bit creamy, a little bit spicy) and the Garlic Mayonnaise are essentials! Browse the range here.


Napkins, burger boxes and disposable cutlery are pretty much essential at a festival. We've got options to suit every budget, or if you're feeling eco-friendly, read about our biodegradable options here.

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