40% POR is Back!

By Jennifer Coles    Date released:  30th December 2013
40% POR is Back at Booker Wholesale!
In January, consumers are looking for one thing : great value.

After December’s extravagance, shoppers are looking for wholesome food and drink, at solid, reassuring prices.

Sales of alcohol and tobacco fall as New Year’s resolutions begin, and experienced independent retailers know you’ve got to highlight some brilliant deals to get consumers through the door.

To help you offer low prices, the ‘40% POR or More’ campaign is back at Booker Wholesale !

Grow Profits with Groceries

Whether you’re serving students, families or busy professionals, our 40% POR deals on crisps, biscuits, Pot Noodles, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, Muller yogurts, Cathedral City and Flora will go down well.

Stocking up the freezer is always a good bet when you’re trying to save money, so your customers will love our offers on Goodfella’s pizza and McCain chips.

For healthier choices, point them towards our Happy Shopper frozen Pork Loin, Minced Beef, Chicken Breast, Peas, Carrots, Cauliflower and Sweetcorn, which are all great value.

Impulse Options

We’re offering between 44% and 50% POR on soft drinks like Coca Cola, Rubicon, Irn Bru and Vimto, and an incredible 70.4% POR on Highland spring

You can make up to 53% POR on treats such as Haribo, Lindt and Mars chocolate and Extra chewing gum

Flu Fighters

January is a particularly bad month for colds and flu, so we’ve included Hall’s Soothers, Lucozade, Ribena, Heinz Soup, Tropicana and Tetley tea and Porridge at over 40% POR.
Spicy curries are great for fighting colds, so check out our offers on Uncle Ben’s rice pouches and sauces.

Drink and be Merry

Our alcohol deals also offer some strong PORs.

There’s some fantastic drama and sport on television this January, so if ‘staying in is the new going out’ for your customers, you can offer them multipacks of beers and ciders like San Miguel, Fosters Gold, and Somersby, as well as Smirnoff and Jack Daniels.

For cosy nights in, we’ve included wines like JP Chenet, Hardy’s Campo Dorado and Jacob’s Creek.

So there you have it- our pick of some top products for January, at prices that will help build up your profits. Find all these products at your local Booker, or at booker.co.uk, now.

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