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By Jennifer Coles    b>Date released:  16th April 2014
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Independent convenience stores form a really important part of any community. They stay open late, offer a great range of services, and they’re useful on Sunday evenings when the cupboard is bare!

They are a lifeline for anyone without a car, especially older people, and when customers use an independent store, a greater percentage of the money they spend goes back into the local economy.

Great margins on everyday items allow independent retailers to thrive, so our new 40% POR leaflet is really important. As the name suggests, we’re giving you 40% POR across a really wide range of goods when you sell at the RRP.


We’ve got fantastic offers on Big Brands such as 380ml Lucozade, cans and bottles of Lilt, Sprite, Dr Pepper and Fanta, Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, Vimto, and Sunpride juices.

Our offers on Volvic, Highland Spring, Ribena, Capri Sun and Fruit Shoots are specially chosen for summer.

Snack Attack

Make a brilliant 40% POR on Mars bars, Walkers crisps, McCoy’s, Nik Naks, Space Raiders, Pringles, Mini Cheddars, Skips, Pot Noodles, Lion, Chewits, Haribo, Skittles and Toblerone, as well as Happy Shopper chocolate bars such as Caramel and Peanuts.


There are dozens of tasty meal options available at 40% POR. How about McCain Ready Baked Jackets, Bird’s Eye Southern Fried Chicken, Young’s Mariner’s Pie, or Chicago Town Pizza?

Essentials such as butter, yogurt, cheese, bread, Napolina pasta, Patak’s sauces, Princes Tuna, Kellogg’s cereals, Tropicana and Heinz Beanz are also on offer.

Great Margins on Alcohol

When it comes to alcohol, our new Great Margins leaflet offers more than 45 different offers on a wide range of branded alcohol, from Carlsberg to Jacob’s Creek, with most offering PORs in the late twenties and mid thirty %’s.

You can view our new 40% POR leaflet, which includes the Great Margins alcohol section, here or in store.

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